Orange County Cinema

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From the earliest days of commercial silent film, at Santa Ana’s Electric Theatre, through to the modern era of mega chain mega-plexes, Orange County, California has enjoyed a one hundred year love affair with cinema.

Since 1906, some 130 cinemas have graced Orange County with the flickering magic of motion pictures. The operators have transitioned through the likes of Schlesinger and Walker, to Edwards, and on to anonymous corporations. The theatres have evolved (or regressed) from single screen palaces, like Fullerton’s Alician Court, to the world’s first free standing four plex, with La Habra’s Fashion Square, and in to the mega-plex, via Irvine’s Spectrum 21. Throughout the annual “changing of the guard” and chase of the “latest and greatest,” cinemas have remained a cornerstone of Orange County culture; mirroring the times, documenting the county’s development, and, most importantly, providing a dream world for a county of dreamers.

So, we invite you to begin your exploration, in to the fascinating world of Orange County cinema, through the side bar menu.