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Rancho Niguel 8

August 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Rancho Niguel 8
25471 Rancho Niguel, Laguna Niguel, CA. 92677
(949) 831 – 0446


    Operators: Mann/Edwards/Mann/Regency
    Status: Open
    Opened: 6/13/89
    Closed: NA
    Current Use: Film/Art  
    Screens: 8
    Seating: Slope & Stadium (2,238 seats)

Opened by Mann in 1989, the Rancho Niguel 8 was somewhat of a transition period theatre. While based primarily on the dominant 80’s multiplex style of sloped seating, an island concession stand, and balcony level restrooms, the theatre also featured two stadium seating auditoriums (only the third Orange County theatre to experiment with the idea at the time) that predated what would soon become an industry standard.  

A well designed complex, the Rancho Niguel was a notch above most 80’s era multiplexes. Featuring auditoriums that were significantly more spacious and luxurious than the typical multiplex shoe box, each being THX certified and equipped with high end projection equipment for the day (including 70 mm capability in the two large auditoriums). The two stadium seating auditoriums also featured “cry rooms”; small sound proof booths in which parents with potentially disruptive children could view films away from the general audience. Due in great part to the upscale cliental of Laguna Niguel, the theatre was always known for being clean and well maintained (nearly twenty years after opening, the venue retains a near mint condition).

In 1991 the Rancho Niguel was sold to Edwards Theatres, along with three other Orange County locations. However, with Edwards’ 2001 bankruptcy, the venue reverted to Mann ownership. A successful first run operation for most of the theatre’s run, the Rancho Niguel was converted in to an art house, circa 2000, and remains under that programming format to this day. While no longer an area “hot spot,” the theatre retains a respectable business level, serving a generally older, more affluent audience.  

Update: On 2/29/08 Regency Theatres took over operation of the Rancho Niguel 8


Rancho Niguel 8

Rancho Niguel 8 Lobby     Rancho Niguel 8 Crying Room     Rancho Niguel 8 Box Office

Rancho Niguel Stadium Auditorium     Rancho Niguel Stadium Auditorium Rear View     Rancho Niguel Mid Size Auditorium

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